“Billet pistons have taken a quantum step in the past decade,” explains Rob Giebas. “This is probably due to their flexibility. First, they offer a lot of freedom to engine builders with development programs, particularly those who want to experiment with the piston’s architecture.

“Second, they reduce production times. Because Gibtec holds significant shelf stock quantities of rough-machined billet blanks in all popular sizes, we simply apply the finish machining operations and the pistons are ready for shipping.” Explains Giebas.

With duplicates, we can work wonders. Let’s say we have a customer who has a piston that performs perfectly – no changes required. He sends us his sample and we can scan it, making a digital model and adding all of the dimensions. Using a numerically controlled program, we add all of the machining operations and send the file to the machining center for production. It’s well organized, and therefore a rapid and efficient process!

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